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Add data disclaimer to user demo in docs

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......@@ -85,6 +85,12 @@ If they do, it skips the download and just returns the filename.
KIS Data Interface
**Important disclaimer:**
_Note that the demonstration below was written using an older version of KISClient which searched against a previous, preliminary instance of the metadata database. At time of writing, the current database contains only very few entries for testing purposes, which would make the plotting demonstration at the bottom of this document significantly less useful. The original content has therefore been left here to show the full user workflow, but be aware that the code below as written will no longer give the results shown._
_This warning should become redundant as more data are added to the SDC servers._
The custom client is required to provide access to the SDC servers.
Importing this automatically registers the client with Fido, allowing the user to interact with the existing SunPy interfaces rather than directly with the custom client.
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