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# python-template
Template for python projects
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Template for python projects
### Setup Checklist:
* [ ] Rename the `rename_me_to_your_awesome_name` folder, this will be the folder where your code is going to live
* [ ] Go through the ```file and fill in your details
* [ ] Review the software license for the project, if you need help check By default we put in the MIT License which is very permissive.
* [ ] Add your dependencies to `requirements.txt`
* [ ] Update ``
### Manual
* Source Code goes in the `rename_me_to_your_awesome_name` folder
* Install the package via `pip` using
pip install git+[NEW_PATH]
* Test code goes in `rename_me_to_your_awesome_name/tests` folder. An example is already provided, all tests are automatically run by GitLab everytime you push something to the server. Check the results under `CI/CD->Pipelines`
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