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# python-template
# python-user-api
Template for python projects
### Setup Checklist:
* fork this temaplate to your own account
* Rename the project: `Settings->Advanced->Change Path` (Move to a project namespace if desired)
* Remove fork relationship: `Settings -> Advanced-> Remove Fork Relationship`
* [ ] Rename the `rename_me_to_your_awesome_name` folder, this will be the folder where your code is going to live
* [ ] Go through the ```file and fill in your details
* [ ] Review the software license for the project, if you need help check By default we put in the MIT License which is very permissive.
* [ ] Add your dependencies to `requirements.txt`
* [ ] Update ``
### Manual
* Source Code goes in the renamed `rename_me_to_your_awesome_name` folder
* Test code goes in `rename_me_to_your_awesome_name/tests` folder. An example is already provided.
* Develop your code locally in a cloned repository and push finished changes to the GitLab server. Pipelines will start automatically on push events. Check the results under `CI/CD->Pipelines`
### Notes
* The package can be installed via `pip` using
pip install git+[NEW_PATH]
This package, currently in the design phase, will eventually be the API for end-users (scientists) to find and download data from the KIS Science Data Centre. In the meantime, issues on this repository may be used to discuss design aspects of the package, technical requirements, user requirements, etc. The API will also be documented here as the design work progresses.
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