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# kisfido
This package, currently in the design phase, will eventually be the API for end-users (scientists) to find and download data from the KIS Science Data Centre. In the meantime, issues on this repository may be used to discuss design aspects of the package, technical requirements, user requirements, etc. The API will also be documented here as the design work progresses.
## Installation and requirements
Install `kisfido` directly from gitlab using pip.
`pip install git+ --pre`
The `--pre` flag is required to allow installation of a release candidate version of `parfive`, which is necessary for rucio authentication.
This version should soon be released fully and the flag will no longer be necessary.
In order to download data from the SDC servers, rucio must be correctly configured to use your account credentials and SSL certificate.
To do this you must set the following configuration variables:
rucio_host =
auth_host =
ca_cert = <path to your CA certificate>
auth_type = x509
account = <your account name>
client_cert = <path to your user certificate>
client_key = <path to the key for your user certificate>
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