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graft importer_test_data/header_versions
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from .__version__ import __version__
from .data_accessor import TestDataAccessor
from .header_files_accessor import get_header_version_data
test_data = TestDataAccessor()
test_data_versions = get_header_version_data()
from os import walk
from os.path import join, dirname, basename
from .data_accessor import AttrDict
def get_header_version_data():
Retrieve the data from the header_versions folder. Data is returned in an attribute dictionary
structured as the folder structure of the source folder
:return: test_data_header_versions
test_data_header_versions = AttrDict()
folder = join(dirname(__file__), "header_versions")
for root, _ ,files in walk(folder):
if not files: continue
test_data_header_versions[basename(root)]=[join(root,f) for f in files]
return test_data_header_versions
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