Commit 0018c44a authored by Carl Schaffer's avatar Carl Schaffer
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adding function for estimating telescope drift

parent 4ce85a0e
......@@ -147,3 +147,21 @@ def rotate_around_origin(xy, angle_rad):
yy = -x * np.sin(angle_rad) + y * np.cos(angle_rad)
return xx, yy
def estimate_telescope_drift(hours_since_center):
Gives an estimate of the drift of the telescope centering information. The parametrization of the degradation is
based on studies performed by Olivier Grassin and backed up by a validation by Carl Schaffer based on ~500 cross
correlations between GREGOR data and HMI. Further information can be found in the kis_tools repository under
GRIS coordinate study
hours_since_center: hours since the centering procedure was done
degradation: float mean drift in arcseconds
offset, slope = 23.4, 21.7
degradation = offset + slope * hours_since_center
return degradation
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