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The following commandline tools are provided by this package:
* BBI: bbi_gen_gifs, bbi_header_conversion, bbi_preview
* GRIS: gris_gen_maps, gris_location_plot, gris_penumbral_thumbs, gris_plot_cont_corr, gris_translate_header, grisplot, gristagger
* GRIS: gris_gen_maps, gris_location_plot, gris_parse_calib, gris_penumbral_thumbs, gris_plot_cont_corr, gris_translate_header, grisplot, gristagger
* LARS: lars_gen_preview, lars_logbook
All of them can be called from the commandline after installing the package. More information on the individual tools can be obtained using the `--help` flag
......@@ -71,6 +71,29 @@ optional arguments:
--disable-hmi-cache Disable caching of HMI data in /dat. Context data is copied to the user's home directory instead.
## gris_parse_calib
Parse calibration settings from `` files. Recursively searches target folder for calibration scripts
and parses the environment at each call to one of the main calibration routine (gris_v8 etc.) calls.
Config data is filled into a pandas DataFrame. Run with pythons `-i` option to drop into an interactive frame for
further batch modification or use the output file option to store the data in CSV format for use with other tools.
The resulting data should be appended to the repository of GRIS calibration settings for use with `grisred`. Currently,
this information is stored in a csv file in the `grisred` repository (Nov 2021) this may be subject to change.
usage: gris_parse_calib [-h] [-v] [-o OUTPUT_FILE] folder_in
positional arguments:
folder_in folder to be processed
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-v, --verbose don't silence warnings
-o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file OUTPUT_FILE
output file
## gris_penumbral_thumbs
Generate preview images for GRIS penumbral masks, targets '*pen_mask.sav' files in the folder and produces .png versions.
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