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Public wiki for all topics related to the KIS Science Data Centre. This Wiki should contain useful information for Users, Developers as well as PI's who want to know how to get their data ingested into the archive.

KIS Science Data Centre Documentation

Hello and welcome to our documentation! If you're not sure where to start, we have starting pages for different audiences:

  • People who really want to get their hands dirty and contribute to our code Developers
  • People who plan on using our tools and systems Users
  • People who have an instrument and are in the process of developing or revising their data formats Data Providers

Additional info can be found in the KIS-Cloud:

  • Personal presentations on SDC related topics Carl Schaffer here
  • Assorted presentations on SDC in the group folder: here

Any and all questions can be directed towards team members or mailed to

We want your Feedback!

This wiki is still under development. If you find errors or want to tell us something, please open an issue here or drop us an email.

Prototypes of the Web-Frontend with new features

We sporadically publish prototypes of future features, if you're interested in them or even want to help making them better, feel free to have a look around. As always, if you find something you don't like or something you feel should be different, don't hesitate to open an issue with your thoughts here or, if you don't have a GitLab account yet drop us an email.

Prototype New Features
2020-02-04 First implementation of ChroTel frontend, overviews of observing days, pagination of search results for ChroTel
2020-02-17 Includes quality criteria for ChroTel