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orientation and coordinate validation

Carl Schaffer requested to merge run_io into master

Iteration on GRIS coordinates from headers without cross-correlation

  • Reworked _coords_from_simple_header method of GrisFitsFile with updated code and better comments
  • Added function for expanding coordinates from a point to a slit to kis_tools.gris.util
  • Added function for calculating parallactic angle to kis_tools.gris.util
  • Added function for calculating slit orientation according to lucia to kis_tools.gris.util
  • Reworked slit_orientationmethod of GrisFitsFile

Changes to GrisRun:

  • added from_date_run classmethod to create an instance from a date, run combination (relies on /dat/sdc/gris as a data source)
  • added maps_dict property to iterate over lists of files per map

Slit Orientation Validation

Header Translation

  • added -r option to allow translating single runs

General Cleaning

  • removing old script directories from grissubmodule
  • Fixing a mixup between longitude and latitude in gregor_coords
  • Added constants for GRIS stepsize
  • Adding angle normalization utility


  • Added tests for slit coordinate calculation, checking against the results of a cross correlation file works
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